2015 Fundraising Drive

Friends. The PDD that contorts the residential buffer zoning on Thompson Hill Road has not been withdrawn by the developers. In fact, they are asking for an extension as you can see. And oh how they would love for our legal case to just go away on this one. We simply can't leave Feathers any back doors on this one, folks. 

We'll be kicking off a fundraising drive shortly to pay off our legal bills and finish the job. What was the date that first generic casino resolution was passed unanimously last April? Was it April 16 when YOUR Town Board decided without you knowing that they would pass a resolution to open the door to Feathers? Friends, let's close that door. Details coming soon. Meantime, let's take a little trip down memory lane, shall we? 

"Our decision there is final: We're going to bid from East Greenbush," Featherstonhaugh said, praising "the most spectacular" vistas of Albany. "I'm really excited about the location and what we can do there."

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