One example of who is against the casino

Girl Scout

Here is a statement read to the Town Board at the public hearing by a 14 year old resident:

My name is Samantha Earley, I live in East Greenbush, and I am
14 years old.  And before you boo me off for being too young, at
least hear me out...

I have spent my entire education at Woodland Hill Montessori School, which in case you didn't know, is right next to where you want to put your casino. I have spent 11 years in a sophisticated learning environment free of peril and that is also 11 years of casino-free East Greenbush.

Not only have I spent those 11 years of my life at Woodland Hill, but also 6 years at the Girl Scout camp next door. You might have heard of it, it's called Camp Is-Sho-Da. Camp Is-Sho-Da is a place where girls from Daisy age to Senior can come to learn about their surrounding environment. I'm wearing this sash because I have a badge that says I have attended this Girl Scout camp for 6 years, and I don't really want to put a casino badge next to it.

Do you mean to tell me that you're going to plop a CASINO on the adjacent property?

I don't think so, not without a fight at least. Or a public VOTE, whichever floats your fancy.

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  • You go, girl!
  • WTG Samantha, you and your mom are a blessing for are cause
  • Go Samantha!