November 3rd and Beyond

THANK YOU for voting and saving our town again! Our work isn't done yet - please consider donating. Also, SAVE THE DATE! Saturday, March 12 event at the Elks Lodge on Columbia Turnpike.  

The photo below is from last October, 2014. It's our amazing attorney Jeff Meyer talking with media after the Zoning Board vote that killed any scrap of dignity left in our Town governance. You know who appoints the Zoning and Planning Boards that were all too willing to roll over for developers? Yep. The Town Board. Led by both Democrats and Republicans. That's right. The five member Town Board of Republicans and Democrats who also voted unanimously to sell us out. 

The three seats that were up this election season, including Town Supervisor, were swept by an independent party called East Greenbush First. They took the good work done to fight the casino and upped it to sweep Town Hall! Now we need to get back to fundraising to finish paying off our outstanding legal bill and continue the good work putting area residents first. 

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