More to do, but THANK YOU!

Thank you to the community for all of your support in our efforts to keep our town casino-free!  We recently held two fundraising events which were phenomenally successful, a treasures and tag sale which was held at four different locations throughout East Greenbush (with a follow-up tomorrow: see post below) and also a BBQ at which we sold over 300 dinners!  Once again, there was a large turnout from our wonderful community. 

We are pleased to announce that we netted over $7,519 at these two events!

While we were gloriously NOT chosen by the Gaming Facility Location Board on December 17, 2014 (a decision that the Location Board themselves wrote was influenced by our hard work and the pending law suits), we still had multiple outstanding legal issues with the Town and Feathers and Co. to resolve. These were at last finalized in the Spring of this year. That’s right, nearly one year after the Town Board made that first lobbyist-influenced resolution.

At the end of the battle, the total amount of attorney fees incurred is $78,739.51.

As you know, we have been fundraising for the past year and are pleased to say that our outstanding balance is now down to $25,500.
To all of our supporters we send a big "Thank you!"
To those who may not have donated yet, we ask that you please consider helping us with our costs by sending a check to P.O. Box 115, East Greenbush, NY  12061 or donating online here.

And keep your eyes out for follow up events! Think Silent Auction cocktail hour. Another late summer BBQ? And again, Saturday, June 13 is a follow-up tag sale at 232 Hudson Avenue in Hampton Manor from 9 to 3 with all proceeds going to pay down the legal bill.

Meantime, let’s continue to do the good work in our town to make sure East Greenbush residents are considered first! 


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  • Did not realize that the supervisor’s salary is 70,000. Has this position always paid this well!