Environmental Review - Balloon Test Rescheduled for Nov 15

UPDATE: Saturday early afternoon and the crane is already down. Developers do not hold to their word - yet again! 

Despite obvious leaves in the trees, the developers are proceeding with the visibility test this weekend. Here is from the project website: "The balloon test for [the unwanted and horrifically inappropriately proposed] Capital View Casino & Resort will be conducted on November 15, 2014. A crane will be in place Friday afternoon, November 14th, through Monday morning November 17th, that simulates the height of the hotel tower, the tallest point of the structure. Balloons will be set at the proposed building corners by 9 am Saturday morning, November 15th, 2014, and will remain in place until 12 pm. 

"If you plan on taking pictures of the balloon test and submitting them to Leadagency@eastgreenbush.org, we have two requests. Preferably pictures should be taken with a 50mm lens, since this best represents the human eye. However, if this is not possible, please identify the camera used and the location of the photograph, such as street intersection or address. Thanks for your cooperation."

Please take pictures! We did point out the leaves. The developers, as per usual, are ramming ahead without consideration of resident concerns or, um, facts. This proposed "Dutch-inspired" tower will be visible from a variety of places of importance to those of us who live and work in the area. Please think about a spot and plan to get out there for a pic. Who's got a camera with a 50 mm lens? You can post them to our Facebook page or contact us at noegcasino@outlook.com. Let's do this as we've been doing it all along - as a community!

Meantime, have a gander at the visibility map with added sites for determining visual impact. So far 12 spots in the region will be documented by the project developers. As we live and work and travel all around the area, we'll want to take pictures from all over. Can you think of where else the tower would be seen? Red dot is ground zero.

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