EG Casino Opposition Noted by Gaming Commission

At the Public Presentation by Capital View Developers, the NY Gaming Commission noted that theirs was the only project receiving opposition. The press also took note. Here are a few highlights:

"The project is the most controversial of the four in the region, with an active, vocal citizens group challenging the developers at every step and a lawsuit filed against the East Greenbush Town Board. On Monday the group 'Save East Greenbush' issued a press release saying the developer's presentation consisted of "lies by omission." Michael DeMasi,  Albany Business Review.

"But Capital View also has powerful opposition, local anti-casino group Save East Greenbush is so well-organized, the State Gaming Commission had to take notice.
"'The only one I'm receiving notices of opposition to the project, is on this project,' said Kevin Law, the NYS Casino siting board chairman." Geoff Redick, Time Warner Cable News

"Save East Greenbush, the resident group opposed to the casino on Thompson Hill Road, says the developers’ presentation was filled with “lies by omission:” no mention of the pending lawsuit, controversial siting next to a Girl Scout Camp and high school, nothing about recent issues regarding Town Board support.  Cara Benson speaks for the group. 'One of the councilmembers, Maryanne Manders [sic], withdrew her support. Another councilmember, Sue Mangold, is been forced into refusal due to a prohibitive conflict of interest. And that's another added cause of action to our lawsuit. None of those things were mentioned yesterday.'
"The Gaming Board members noted that the East Greenbush project was the only one facing some public opposition." Dave Lucas, WAMC

"But the board said the project is the only one it’s seen with opposition. A group of local residents against the casino organized to form Save East Greenbush, which has filed an Article 78 lawsuit against the developers, the East Greenbush Town Board and the state Gaming Commission.
“'I think the developers are hoping that we will go away,' said Cara Benson of Save East Greenbush. 'We will, just as soon as they do.'" Haley Viccaro, Schenectady Gazette

Great work EG residents! Keep up the pressure. WE WON'T GO AWAY UNTIL THEY DO. We live here.

Keep up those emails:

Mail letters to: 
New York State Gaming Commission
Attn: Lee Park
PO Box 7500
Schenectady, New York 12301-7500


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