East Greenbush - Saved (so far)

Friends. The Gaming Commission Facility Location Board's recommendation for a casino to be located at another municipality than East Greenbush is a big win for us. Huge. We were heard loud and clear. And we are very grateful! To them. To all the many residents who called, emailed, showed up, testified, went door to door, and contributed. To each other! To you.

Let's take a moment to be glad that citizens coming together can indeed make a difference. 

Then, let's remember that there is also more work to do. We must maintain our lawsuits for a few reasons. One, we need to be absolutely sure that the license gets awarded elsewhere so that this bid doesn't resurrect should something fall through.

Two, the zoning vote and any greedy intentions developers have for cramming something through on that site absolutely must be countered. The Saratoga Raceway team said that they weren't necessarily going anywhere should they not be awarded a license. They are expanding in their Saratoga Racino location and might still have aims for Thompson Hill. We also know that local players are the ones who paved the way for Feathers & Co. and are looking to take advantage of that location one way or the other. Let's not let them abuse the system any longer. 

Meantime, we've still got legal bills to pay. Lots of them. Please contribute! Our attorney has been instrumental in our campaign to save our town, and we owe them more than our undying gratitude. 

Checks can be made payable to Save East Greenbush and mailed to Save East Greenbush. PO Box 115, East Greenbush, NY 12061. Or you can donate online here: donate.

Let's stay in touch - we'll be on the scene with fundraising events, community doings, and other ways we can continue to save our town. Follow us on Twitter at NO_EG_CASINO and Facebook at SaveEastGreenbush.

Have a happy, healthy holiday season! 

Your friends and neighbors of Save East Greenbush


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