December 17 - Coming Right Up

Friends. The Gaming Commission has said that a meeting is tentatively scheduled for December 17 in Albany where the Facility Location Board will announce its recommendations for casino licensing in the State. The meeting isn't firm yet. The recommendations aren't guarantees. Nothing about this process has been easy to tolerate for residents who don't want their town to be taken over by the failing and loss producing casino industry. We have been vigilant for three seasons now. And if 

we must, we will stay on our cause through many more. We've said it before, but it bears repeating (and repeating). We live here. Many of us were raised here. We're not going away. We will fundraise and hand out flyers in the cold and rain and serve up potlucks and show up to public hearings and planning meetings until the State and Town get it through their heads: NO EG CASINO. Not here. Not ever. 

Even if the Location Board recommends EG for a casino license, we have two pending lawsuits that we will pursue to their fullest extent. If the Board does not recommend EG for a casino license and the developers try to get one anyway, we will pursue our lawsuits and publicize our opposition to the fullest extent. If the developers at last see that forcing this thing through our town was never a smart move, we will be glad. We will celebrate. We will throw a huge party (and collect everything still necessary to pay off the attorney fees). Then we absolutely must consider how to continue these conversations and connections to foster transparent government, strong community, and neighborly relations in our town. 

First, though. December 17. Save that date and stay in touch. Also, please donate if you can. It is much needed. 

We try not to inundate supporters with too many emails, so follow us on and for daily updates. We will be emailing  for our next event and plans for Dec 17 shortly. Sign up for announcements from us if you haven't yet. We never give this list to anyone.

Thank you! 

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