Call the Gaming Commission!

Friends. Developers are making last minute efforts at persuasion. Let's remind the Gaming Commission that we are still opposed to a casino in East Greenbush. Easy way to do this is to make a quick phone call.

Call Kristen Buckley the Gaming Commission at 518-388-3407.

Here's a sample script:

"I'm a resident in the East Greenbush/Capital District area and I'm opposed to a casino in East Greenbush. I am committed to this cause, and I would like the Gaming Commission to know that we will continue our opposition until East Greenbush is safely casino-free. Thank you."

Decision will be announced next Wednesday, December 17 at a meeting in Albany. We'll send word as soon as the exact time and location are set. 

Meantime - make a quick call to save your town! 

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